Beach Olympics, Zip-lining and Other Active Fun Adds to Incentives

February 27, 2018 Kevin Edmunds


Although February is a pretty cold month for much of the country, we do have the Super Bowl and the Olympics to keep us entertained. And as I watch those competitions with family and friends, I’m reminded of the interesting activities that all-inclusive Hard Rock hotels offer the many incentive programs that are coming to our properties starting right about this time of year and all the way through May.

With the demographic of incentive programs shifting towards the Millennial generation, the preferences for leisure activities are changing as well. For instance, zip-lining is popular at forest sites that are not far from our Mexico and Caribbean properties, and snorkeling—particularly in some of the water-filled caves found on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, near our Cancun and Riviera Maya resorts—is simply incredible.

Meanwhile, the big beaches and recreational lawns at our properties are perfect for individual and team-based games and contests. And when incentive winners and their spouses—and more often these days, the kids too—have free time, they are frequently opting to rent bikes or Waverunners that are located right on property.

Our group sales and service teams are happy to have conversations with our incentive clients well ahead of time to get a firm understanding of the leisure preferences of their program participants. We always hope that this includes an interest in music, because that is what our brand is known for around the world. But with other active leisure pursuits, we want to get it exactly right so that the host organization gets maximum return on investment from its incentive program, and so we have guests who go home saying: “We need to do that again.”

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