Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Bring Big Benefits

November 19, 2018 Kevin Edmunds


With all the interest in corporate social responsibility we have seen among our meeting and incentive clients recently, I wanted to learn a bit more about how CSR activities bring benefits not only to the community where they are performed, but also to the organization whose employees engage in a CSR activity.

Fortunately, I did not have to look too long on the internet for the right information. I came across a terrific summary of a paper that was published a few years back in the Journal of Management that detailed how engaging in activities that deliver benefit to a particular group of people or community actually makes the employees who engage in the activity feel better about each other, and about the company they work for–and actually do better work for the company.

Specifically, some of the benefits that CSR activities bring to an organization include higher-quality, closer relationships between employees; a greater sense of identity with their company and a sense of purpose in their work life, which boosts employee retention; a better culture for prospective employees, which makes it easier to land talented new employees; and better creativity and performance from employees. And all this does not even address the actual good that the organization does for the chosen group or community who is the recipient of the company’s effort.

At our AIC Hotel Group properties on the eastern and western coasts of Mexico, in the Dominican Republic, and in Miami, our sales and service teams partner with our many local contacts to find CSR opportunities that meeting and incentive groups might want to engage in–from cleaning up parks and beaches; to painting, refurbishing or restocking schools; to building bicycles or other fun items for local kids to enjoy; to actually teaching local children specific skills they can use in life. There are many other possibilities, as I simply named a few of the more popular ones. So when you’re looking for a property to host a meeting or incentive program, please be sure to ask our sales team about CSR opportunities in our destinations. We can find an activity that will meet your objectives and deliver significant benefit to the local community, which is a win-win situation.

In the meantime, the summary of the CSR paper published in the Journal of Management can be found here. ( It’s a useful blueprint for planners as they strategize with their meeting and incentive decision makers on the objectives they are looking to fulfill for with a CSR activity, and for matching up their group with the right activity.




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