Employee Retention Is Tougher, but Incentive Travel Drives Performance Regardless of Tenure

December 1, 2017 Kevin V Edmunds


We hotel and resort folks are always looking to better understand our meeting and incentive clients so that we can provide them with experiences that strongly impact their people and their organizations. Fortunately, I found an article on LinkedIn recently (http://smartbrief.com/original/2017/07/leaders-its-time-relax-your-grip-employee-retention) which offers a very interesting take on how companies can maximize the benefit of their best people in an environment where many employees stay with an organization for two years or less. For me, one critical takeaway from the article was this: Incentive travel has a central role to play in both employee satisfaction and retention.

According to the article, however, satisfaction and retention are not necessarily connected, and so must be approached differently. Specifically, companies must make people as satisfied as possible for however long they are with the organization so that they achieve maximum productivity. With Millennials now almost half of the workforce, it is inevitable that people will move on to other jobs–but if they are superstars for the organization during their time there, and have good things to say about the firm which helps draw in new talent while they are there and even after they are gone, then that brings much benefit to the company in both the short term and long term.

In light of this, what is one product that can directly maximize the performance of sales employees? Incentive travel. So at our AIC Hotel Group properties located on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Mexico, in the Dominican Republic, and in Miami Beach, we focus on delivering upscale environments with abundant local flavor that personalize each group experience. The goal: Motivate a corporate client’s sales reps to qualify for the award travel program, and to feel so satisfied after the program that they push themselves even a bit harder the following year to qualify again. And if, after two years of working at maximum effort and delivering tangible results to the company, the rep decides to move on, then both sides have reaped the benefits of the relationship and are willing to help each other in business going forward.

The old ways of work—i.e. long tenures with one company–are probably never going to come back. Nonetheless, incentive travel programs can achieve a great deal in the present and future work environment, and AIC Hotel Group is prepared to help companies with that task.

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