In Hospitality, Thoughtful Service Always Wins

April 18, 2017 Kevin V Edmunds


It’s been a week of deep introspection in the hospitality industry, after much of the world saw a video of an airline passenger on an overbooked flight being forcefully removed from a seat he paid for. Obviously, no customer should ever have an experience like that. The fact that the situation got to where the airline had to remove a customer already on the plane revealed a huge failure by its employees to follow their company’s customer-service procedures. The situation should have been resolved before anyone got on the plane, and in a way such that displaced customers received an apology plus compensation that made them feel valued.

At the properties within the AIC Hotel Group, we take the responsibility of hosting an organization’s meetings and incentives to heart. So if our event sales and services staff realizes that some part of an event’s plan has gone awry because of unforeseen circumstances, we will take ownership of the situation. That means not only informing the planner immediately, but also suggesting one or more alternate courses of action based on our hospitality training as well as our prior experience with other events we’ve hosted. We know what works best for events at our properties, so we should always be proactive in solving a planner’s problem, whatever it might be.

In short, it is on the hospitality supplier to make sure things go in a way where event attendees never even realize that a glitch happened. Planners should expect this of any property they use for a meeting or incentive. Our associates who operate the properties within the AIC Hotel Group are very well versed in handling all the circumstances around an event, planned and unplanned.


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