Legendary Singer Aretha Franklin Proved How Music Can Move People

August 16, 2018 Kevin Edmunds


Time seems to go by so quickly that I was quite surprised to learn that Aretha Franklin was 76 years old when she passed away this week. But one of the many fascinating aspects of music is that whenever we hear a song from someone like Aretha, we always see that artist in our minds as the powerful, mesmerizing performer she was in her prime.

Think about it: When you hear Frank Sinatra, do you think of the older fellow who sat on a stool during the performances late in his career–or the guy who bopped, snapped the fingers on one hand while holding a drink in the other hand, and belted out one of his classic tunes with a wink and a smirk?

The reason I bring this up is because the all-inclusive Hard Rock Resorts in Mexico and Dominican Republic, which are part of the AIC Hotel Group, specialize in using music to make lasting impressions on our guests—especially our business guests. At each meeting or incentive program we host, music plays a critical role in reinforcing the themes of the event, setting the mood, and creating fun interactions among attendees in order to produce great memories that last for years.

And it’s classic songs from performers like Aretha and Frank that often bring out the most energy from attendees of a reception or special event at one of our beachfront properties. Then again, songs from today’s hot performers such as Pit Bull, Ariana Grande and the Foo Fighters also pump up attendees–which is why our service managers on property go to great lengths to work with each planner and curate the music precisely to match the goals of that business program.

That’s a service you won’t find at many other resorts—and I’m betting that nobody can do it better than Hard Rock, the hospitality brand that’s most deeply connected to the world of music.

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