Mexico’s Mayan Ruins Make a Deep Impact on Incentive Groups

March 15, 2017 Kevin V Edmunds


The Travel Channel recently aired a program about the famed Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It’s great that the general public gets such opportunities to better understand this part of the overall experience of traveling to Cancun or Riviera Maya. In fact, it’s something that is central to the experience of incentive groups who use our two all-inclusive properties in the area: The 601-room Hard Rock Hotel Cancun and the 1,264-room Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.

One of the sites is Tulum, a well-preserved walled city that was built around AD 1200 atop a rocky bluff on the Caribbean Sea. It’s an 80-minute coach ride from our Cancun property, and less than an hour from our Riviera Maya property, making it the most popular historical-tour spot for our incentive groups. The beauty of the many stone buildings, including the famed Temple of the God of Wind, is enhanced by the clear-blue sea acting as its background. Tulum is truly a magnificent, peaceful and unique sight to behold.

For Chichen Itza—one of the largest cities of the Mayan civilization, dating from AD 600—it’s a two-hour ride from both our Cancun and Riviera Maya properties. But incentive groups find that the time goes by rather quickly thanks to the accommodations of their luxury coach, which is supplied with snacks and beverages plus the company of a local historian who provides all the background of the site in colorful detail.

Once at this site—which was chosen by the Mayans because it’s located above large “cenotes,” or underground freshwater rivers—visitors usually stand in stunned silence for a moment or two as they observe El Castillo, the massive pyramid at the center of the site. They then wander over to Temple of the Warriors, another imposing structure surrounded by dozens of two-story-high stone pillars. The architectural styling and engineering is a true marvel for the era in which it was built—and can provide inspiration to incentive groups, who come to understand that things can be accomplished which outsiders would not think possible.

Our group sales and services teams at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun and Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya are well versed in incorporating trips to these sites as part of an incentive itinerary. We hope you’ll ask us more about it.

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