Motivating Today’s Employees Through Desirable Experiences

June 19, 2017 Kevin V Edmunds


I just read a very interesting article in the June issue of Incentive magazine, about what today’s employees want from their jobs that will keep them not just productive but also loyal over the long term. In a nutshell, it is this simple: Most employees want to do work that matters, and they want recognition for doing that work well. While that might be simple to state, it is not nearly as simple to make that happen. First, management must articulate– not just to new hires but also to experienced employees on a regular basis– why the company has them doing the things they do. Second, employees must understand how the things they do each day truly make a tangible difference to the people who receive their product or service. There’s still one more component to motivation that management must address: Employees have to be recognized in ways that they prefer. Part of that is public acknowledgement in front of their peers, which goes a long way even when it’s recognition for smaller projects and initiatives. And for larger projects or initiatives, a well-thought- out award that provides a unique experience is perhaps the most valuable currency among the present workforce. One example: An all-expenses- paid trip with a spouse or partner to a location such as Mexico or the Caribbean—where folks can completely chill out, or be as active as they want to be while also immersing themselves in local culture—is something that falls under the heading of “most desirable experiences” to today’s employees. The four Hard Rock Resort properties that are part of the All-Inclusive Collection are set on the beaches of Mexico and the Dominican Republic; they are designed specifically to reward, pamper and impress top performers so that those folks come to value their company as much as the company values them. That’s when employee recognition becomes a win-win proposition, with strong ROI for the company.

If you’d like to read the entire article in Incentive, here is the link:

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