The Meeting & Incentive Industry is Making Noise—and That’s Good

April 16, 2018 Kevin Edmunds


Pictured: Anna Maria Ruffin, SITE Global President & Kevin Edmunds, SITE International Board of Directors

No matter what business you’re in, success doesn’t only come from getting the job done but also from making sure the right people know your role in the good work that was done. After all, that’s what the corporate recognition programs you coordinate are all about, right?

In that vein, Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) was observed on April 12 by people all around the globe who are in the events business and in the hotel business. GMID is the biggest opportunity to let people outside our industry know how important business events are. Specifically, the GMID promotions and initiatives that were held on April 12 in many cities touted the benefits that meetings and incentives bring to the destinations that host them. They also highlighted the benefits that meetings and incentives deliver to the organizations that hold them—such as improved knowledge, networking, camaraderie, and motivation, all of which leads to more revenue in the long term.

Given that meetings and incentives are a bit of an invisible task—most businesspeople don’t know how much work goes into developing corporate events and how much they cost—it’s a good thing that there is a coordinated effort to make meetings and incentives top of mind at least once a year. But part of the message of GMID is also this: Meeting and incentive planners must tout their work to their own bosses. First, there is the amount of money planners save their organizations on each event through smart negotiations. Second, there is the impact planners deliver to attendees because they understand their companies’ business goals, and because planners use their experience and expertise to creatively build events that have maximum impact on attendees.

In short, planners should keep in mind that we are here to help them not only with coordinating and executing their meetings and incentives, but also with tracking the benefits that come from those events. We hope every one of our planner clients will take us up on this offer to help demonstrate to their bosses how important they are to the organization.


You are all valued. You are appreciated. Happy Global Meetings Industry Day.

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