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Our team specializes in creating the event of your dreams. The extravagant theme parties at event venue transform the ordinary into the unforgettable with imaginative themes uniquely for you. Do not hesitate to ask to have something special created expressly for your event, we specialize in catering to rock star demands.

Contact our Conference Services Manager to begin planning an event in our property. Theme decor, entertainment and lighting are priced according to group size and budget and are not included in all-inclusive rate. Your sales manager will be pleased to provide details and pricing.

Lounge Party
A modern mix of fun and elegance, our stylish resort provides the ideal setting for a sophisticated yet relaxed party on the beach or in the gala ballroom. Sheer white cloth will be draped and soft candle illumination will light the room to create the warm ambiance and style of a sleek nightclub. Entertainment may include DJ music and colorful touches from veil dancers and stilt walkers. To leave a lasting impression, your company logo can be carved into stone and set with wooden torches on either side.

Caribbean Party
A warm sunset, palm trees, tiki torches and tantalizing exotic touches await you at our Caribbean paradise setting. An ideal backdrop for convention sessions, our tropical island paradise offers colorful archways, dark jungle caves and thatched roof huts, lush plants and towering palm trees. Screen frames built with real bamboo and decorative foliage add to the tropical feel. Brightly colored linens and tablecloths decorated in reds, yellows, greens and oranges and a simulated volcano crater add drama to the dazzling island set up, which also includes totems, colorful masks and torches surrounding the hall.

Under The Sea Party
Giant coral rocks, vibrant fish, playful dolphins and rollicking sea horses are just a part of what creates the magical ambiance of our underwater themed celebration. Situated on a magical Caribbean reef, guests enter through a huge coral archway or a dramatic tunnel flanked by anchors and boat props before descending to the depths of the ocean floor, all without even getting their toes wet. This magical undersea world also features an old sunken galleon with high sails, giant coral reef sculptures, and spectacular ocean creatures.

Mexican Party
Capture the essence of Mexico, a country rich in culture and traditions, flavors, sounds and colors with this authentic Fiesta, which is ideal for celebratory dinners and farewell parties. Guests will enter this festive atmosphere ringing with mariachi bands through charming Mexican facades created for the occasion or through a magnificent archway topped with your company’s logo.

Once inside, the authentic Mexican ambiance of the room is set with a large colorfully decorated pavilion that can be used as a bandstand, a stage, plus old fashioned street lamps, brightly colored piñatas, tissue paper flags and paper flower decorations. Tables are set with colorful Mexican-style serapes as tablecloths and paper flower and piñata centerpieces.

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