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Why settle for a Caribbean-themed party, when you can host the Caribbean party you want right in Punta Cana, one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean? Create an event that will live forever in the memories of your guests. Perhaps it’s something for a sweet sixteen princess or a pirate who’s looking at 40, whatever you can imagine, we can design and deliver.

Or, give your imagination a break and choose from one of these pre-designed and party-tested theme parties.

Sometimes you just want to chill. Introducing our White Night Lounge Party package. Sleek, modern and elegant, this theme can be staged indoors or out, and either way, it’s always a sophisticated event that guests will talk about for days. Actually, with our unique ‘conversation cluster’ set up, guests will be talking already in cozy lounge chairs, ottomans, benches and love seats while they’re bathed in mood lighting of amber, blue and magenta. Guests are asked to dress in white to be a part of the overall mood, and are treated to a selection of sushi rolls, savory hors d’oeuvres, wine and cocktails. White nights have never been so white hot.

Your guests will have no trouble finding this party. Simply follow the pulsing sounds of authentic Dominican meringue music and look for the giant billowing colored flags swaying in the gentle Caribbean breeze. Once they arrive, they’re treated to the sounds of local legends, the Perico Ripiao Band, and the complete cultural immersion begins. Stroll the shops of the Mercado perhaps purchasing a beautiful stone necklace or a robust Dominican cigar rolled by hand while you wait. Taino Indian oil and watercolor paintings seem to dance in the hypnotic lighting. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Dominican celebration without unique and delicious Dominican flavors. So guests will make their way to their tables, each decorated with unique La Vega Carnival masks and toys, and then feast on the finest of meals. Drink. Dance. Shop. Eat. Vibe. This is the party everyone wishes they were invited to.

A warm sunset, palm trees, tiki torches, thatched roof huts and the mystery of the jungle await you at our tropical island paradise. This tropical decor is the perfect backdrop for your convention parties and events in Punta Cana. Guests will love the natural feel and decor in the transformed ballroom. As guests venture towards their meeting session, they will be transported to a tropical Village by entering through a colorful archway or a dark jungle cave. Once inside, they enjoy a lush outdoor setting with wooden thatched roof huts, plants and palm trees. Screen frames built with real bamboo, decorative foliage and natural elements of the Pacific give the space a tropical island atmosphere. Tables will be decorated with colored tablecloths in red, yellow, green and orange with papier-mache parrots and natural flowers as centerpieces. A volcano with simulated fire on its crater and a painted sunset mural as a backdrop will add drama and power to the scene. Totems, torches, colorful masks and candles surrounding the hall will leave everyone feeling submerged in the warmth of the islands. This lively Tropical atmosphere is an instant mood builder for your attendees.

Transform yourself and your guests to seafaring pioneers at this recreation of fabled La Hispaniola; the first Spanish settlement here in the land of the Taino Indians. La Hispaniola is where swaggering buccaneers like Captain Morgan himself gathered to celebrate their triumphant return from the sea and to hide away their most precious stolen treasures. Your guests will rediscover those hidden treasures as they frolic in a sea of authentic pirate flags, Taino figurines, treasure chests, masks and bongos awash in multi-colored lighting. To add to the mood, each guest will receive an eye patch, bandana and colorful beads to keep as a memento of the evening. The lure of jungle drums, mixed with the steady pulse of the best in reggae music will keep pirate booties shaking well into the night.

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