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Transform your Vallarta event into a journey to an exotic destination for an evening of fun, flavor, and friends. The Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta offers beautiful event venues on the Nuevo Vallarta coast, including beautiful beaches, lush pool areas, waterfront terraces, scenic gardens, and high-style ballrooms. Our personalized event service offers a collection of imaginative themed events that get people together and in the mood to meet, mix, and mingle in paradise.

Whether you are planning a business function, convention networking party, conference session or holiday event, we have incredible event venues for every purpose and passion. Create unique events and festivities with creative themed decor, live entertainment and music, sound and lighting, and delicious cuisine. Our Conference Services Manager will work with you to design a fabulous themed party that fits your vision and budget. Make a dramatic impact at the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta.

Lounge Party
A modern mix of fun and elegance, our stylish resort provides the ideal setting for a sophisticated yet relaxed party on the beach or in the gala ballroom. Sheer white cloth will be draped and soft candle illumination will light the room to create the warm ambiance and style of a sleek nightclub. Entertainment may include DJ music and colorful touches from veil dancers and stilt walkers. To leave a lasting impression, your company logo can be carved into stone and set with wooden torches on either side.

A warm sunset, palm trees, tiki torches, thatched roof huts and the mystery of the jungle await you at our tropical island paradise. This tropical decor is the perfect backdrop for your convention parties and events in Nuevo Vallarta. Guests will love the natural feel and decor in the transformed ballroom. As guests venture towards their meeting session, they will be transported to a tropical Village by entering through a colorful archway or a dark jungle cave. Once inside, they enjoy a lush outdoor setting with wooden thatched roof huts, plants and palm trees. Screen frames built with real bamboo, decorative foliage and natural elements of the Pacific give the space a tropical island atmosphere. Tables will be decorated with colored tablecloths in red, yellow, green and orange with papier-mache parrots and natural flowers as centerpieces. A volcano with simulated fire on its crater and a painted sunset mural as a backdrop will add drama and power to the scene. Totems, torches, colorful masks and candles surrounding the hall will leave everyone feeling submerged in the warmth of the islands. This lively Tropical atmosphere is an instant mood builder for your attendees.

Under the Sea
Giant coral rocks, vibrant fish and playful dolphins enhance the magical décor that will transport your imagination to an underwater celebration on a Pacific reef. As guests enter through a huge coral archway or a tunnel flanked by anchors and boat props, they will descend to the depths of the mystic ocean floor. Experience beautiful marine animals, balloons posing as air bubbles and sheer fabrics in turquoise and blue imitating the waves. This alluring sea world will include an amazing backdrop with a beautiful, serene reef and the hull of an old sunken galleon with its high sails. Giant reef sculptures adorned with ocean creatures, such as dolphins or sea horses and colorful corals add to the celebration scenery. Guests enjoy the sensation of diving below the warm Pacific waters.

Pre-hispanic Night
Journey back through the centuries to the mystical and idyllic pre-hispanic world. From multi-level staging to realistic backdrops with a sunset or moving clouds to the natural elements of the jungle, we have amazing decor elements to choose from so guests feel like they are dining at an archaeological site. Give your Vallarta event a personal touch by recreating your company’s logo carved in stone or on top of a Prehispanic-inspired archway at the entrance of the ballroom. Your guests with have lasting memories of Mexico.

Mexican Party
Rich in culture and traditions, Mexico is full of light and excitement. Flavors, sounds and colors of Mexico create an enchanting Fiesta mood. Make the flamboyance and festivities of Mexico a highlight of your convention. This theme party creates the experience of an authentic Mexican celebration set within a small rural town.

The music, lights, and excitement of this Nuevo Vallarta fiesta will surround your event in fun. Enter this festive atmosphere through two flanking walls of Mexican house facades, such as a bank, church, cantina or city hall or through a magnificent archway topped with the logo of your company. A colorfully decorated pavilion in the middle of the “town square” can be used as a bandstand, stage or bar. Old fashioned street lamps, bright paper flags, pinatas, and paper flower decorations give this event a true Mexican flair. Tables will be embellished with colorful Mexican style tablecloths or sarapes and fun centerpieces – paper flowers and pinatas on a stick. Top it off with entertainment – from lively mariachi bands or Mexican fair games that deliver the sights and sounds of Mexico. The decor is perfect for a jovial theme dinner or farewell party.

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